About Sandee's

We've come a long way since 1948. See how our business started as a small town
market and evolved into a bakery, deli, and full service catering establishment.

1940 – 1950

In 1948, Sandy and Diana Foti started Foti’s Market. Located on English Street, it was a landmark institution that quickly redefined the layout of the area.

In 1953, Foti’s Market became Sandee’s Market. The name Sandee’s comes from the combination of the determined and happily married couple’s names.

1960 – 1970

As the years passed by, Sandy and Diana’s family grew and the humble establishment became quite the family-oriented affair. The business catered to the various factories scattered around the fair City of Jamestown. These years also saw the acquisition of Sandee’s famous Beef and Pork Pies which are still sold to this day.

The continued success and changing times demanded that Sandee’s expand its methods of delivery. The year 1978 saw the maiden departures of Sandee’s Catering Trucks which offered a massive variety of home cooked foods to area factories and businesses.

“Sandy and Diana “Dee” Foti combined their names to create
the new name of their business: Sandee’s.”

1980 – 1990

Years went by and the control of Sandee’s passed to Rob, the son of Sandy and Diana, and his wife Dianne. Rob and Dianne flawlessly continued the proud tradition of great food and customer service established by Rob’s parents and still do to this day.

In 1998, a fire consumed Sandee’s at its English Street location. Rob and Dianne, realizing that this was a golden opportunity for the expansion and future success of their business, relocated to Sandee’s current location at 1284 East 2nd Street. The new location allowed Rob and Dianne to expand their business into what they always dreamed it could be. Sandee’s became a full service deli which specialized in Pork Pies, meatballs, subs, daily specials, Italian sausage, beef on weck, and homemade rolls. A catering service was also added that provided for all varieties of events.

2000 – 2010

Now that the deli and catering services were available, Sandee’s achieved vast amounts of success and an expansion was deemed necessary. In 2010, a second Sandee’s location named the Brooklyn Square Café was opened at the Riverwalk Center.

To this day, Sandee’s and the people behind its name thank their customers for enjoying in the continued success of their business with them. Sandee’s promises to continue to provide quality food and services while maintaining the spirit of its humble origins, community involvement, and unprecedented, one-of-a-kind customer service. Thank you to our customers, for without your continued support, this would not be possible.